We specialise in leadership development through coaching and mentoring, supporting managers and their institutions to lead and manage change.

  • We support new managers in their transition and set them up for peak performance.
  • We provide Organisational Development interventions in support of culture change and improved performance.
  • We design performance programmes that deliver results.

We build resilient teams and implement diversity management programmes that celebrate the humanity of all staff and clients and unleash the residual capacity for significantly improved connectedness and a fully engaged staff community.

Shanaaz Majiet, a Coach on Mission: To serve you powerfully.

What you will get in working with me:

You’ll pursue your wildest dreams with many potent layers of support, including:

  •     Virtually-unlimited access to email coaching with me
  •     On-demand laser coaching to help you eliminate obstacles fast
  •     Access to my extensive library of resources
  •     Weekly accountability and coaching feedback

We will follow a 5 stage program:

1. Vision

We’ll craft a powerful vision that will transform your life. You’ll learn to access this power not only for your business ventures—but in every area of your life.

2. Strategy

We’ll develop a simple yet impactful strategy for how you “show up,” day-in and day-out. You’ll build your resilience and your ability to handle any situation with ease and deep confidence. You’ll create habits and rituals that support and renew you on a daily and weekly basis.

3. Mindset

You will overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs or insecurities that are holding you back. And you’ll create a new set of empowering beliefs to support you as you create the next stage of your life.

4. Skillset

We will identify any skills you need to build and work on them regularly.

5. Energy

You will optimize your environment. You’ll get clear on which people, places and things FILL you with energy and which people, places and things DRAIN you of energy. You will actively remove those energy-drainers from your life.

What we’ll do each month:

The first three weeks of each month, you’ll have two Deep Coaching calls/conversations with me, either in person or via Skype. You must show up prepped and ready because these sessions will be high flame and we will record them. Take detailed notes. APPLY every lesson,  and your world will transform.

The fourth week of each month is a Self-Coaching Week for Reflection, Insight & Action.
PLUS: You’ll get the kind of access to personal coaching that I reserve for my private one-on-one clients—virtually unlimited email coaching, and laser-coaching calls by request.

What you’ll achieve:


  • You’ll become much more resilient and calm, regardless of the circumstances. Stress will become an occasional occurrence that you know how to respond to instead of a frequent state you find yourself in.
  • You’ll spend more time in the mindset that enables you to create whatever results you want—in your personal life, business, your finances and the world.
  • You will enjoy your life and your business more.
  • Your relationships will transform (because you have transformed).
  • When you lose balance or focus (as we all do, once in a while) you will know how to bounce back and get back on track quickly.
  • You will become the owner of your life by increasingly ceasing to be a victim of circumstances and external influences.
  • You’ll understand what being authentic means to you and how it manifests.
  • You will know what success really means to you and see how achieving it can be effortless in all areas of your life.
  • You will experience deep confidence—from the inside out.
  • You’ll eliminate any remaining deep, ingrained fears of social rejection.
  • You’ll discover how to build wealth and prosperity.
  • You will learn to embrace failure as the only route to more success.
  • You will understand the true power of your WORD. What you say will occur IS what will occur.


Your Investment:
I know people do not have a personal coaching budget and I also know your dreams are precious and priceless. If you would like to work with me, give me a call and we discuss a plan that is fits your wants, needs and reality.
I offer different packages. This is my menu:

  • You can work with me for either a three-month agreement (6 sessions), or
  • A six-month intensive programme (12 sessions) or
  • A yearlong intensive coaching programme.

Your investment and payment plan options can be discussed...