Dr Kesavan Naidoo, Department of Cooperative Governance (2016)

I have known Ms Majiet ever since she joined the Department of Cooperative Governance in 2012. Reporting directly to her, I have known Ms Majiet to be a leader, mentor, coach, manager par excellence and beyond reproach. I have learned more from Ms Majiet during her stay at the Department than I have done in all my years in the public service.

Ms Majiet is exceptional in all aspects. She has made such a profound positive effect on my personal and professional life, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will impart the same to anybody that comes into contact with her.


Danielle Manuel, WC Provincial Government: Department of Transport and Public Works (2016)

My coaching journey with Shanaaz has been short yet the lessons learnt thus far have had an immediate and profound impact on my leadership and management approach. A few of the most significant teachings that come to mind relate to achieving meaningful change. The realisation that real change is not a passive process but rather an active and engaging one, that requires a willingness to fight for what you believe in and being prepared to take the punches.  More importantly is the readiness to fail, the courage to dust yourself off and the pledge to learn from your failures.  I think in our second session Shanaaz asked me whether I could take a punch and whether I could handle failure and the answer to both questions at the time was no.

Today I can take a punch and I am willing to get into the ring and take many more punches for issues that I firmly believe in because I’m stronger and more resilient.  Today I’m able to openly reflect on my failures and no longer fear the possibility failing because I’m focussed on the greater good and realise that my efforts are part of a much bigger evolution.

Shanaaz has wholeheartedly given of herself to me and has made a momentous investment in my future.  I am sincerely thankful and honoured to have such an amazing coach at this stage of my career.


Sharief Starke, Head of Administration. Ministry of Tourism (2016)

On a day in 2012, someone asked me a favour; to tend to a computer problem of one of their colleagues. The colleague was Shanaaz Majiet; and in a pure chance engagement, something told me that there was something more to this person that I had just met. I decided to as they say, “Google her”.

At a time in my career where I felt ‘stuck’ and frustrated, I decided to take chance and send this complete stranger an email – pouring out a little of my heart – asking for a meeting. We setup 5 one hour sessions, Skype, telephone and face-to-face meetings, where we discussed various things. During these engagements I found Shanaaz to be incredibly insightful and at the same time, caring and thoughtful.

I made notes at each session and over the next year I put her advice into action. I can truly testify to the fact that my life (personal and career) turned around completely. What were once problems, turned to opportunities and 4 years on, I continue, from time to time, to stop by for a bit of coaching.


Kuni Ditira, Free State Office of the Premier (2016)

I met Shanaaz at the School of Government.   What I noticed about here then is that she is very hard working and knowledgeable and was always taking time to give feedback.

My coaching with Shanaaz was an eye-opener. I discovered that we are similar in a lot of things although also different. It is good to learn from somebody who has personal experience of what she is talking about. Her coaching is more believable and genuine. It leaves one with the feeling that it is doable and achievable.

I found that I can be honest and open without being judged and having unnecessary expectations from people who put me on a pedestal and are biased. Her guidance made me more confident to think wider about possibility of using my skills, talents and gifts, some of which I have put on the back burner. This is just the beginning of my journey and I hope that we will be on this road together for a long time. At the end after a coaching session you feel more rejuvenated and raring to go.

I wish her all the best.


Aisha, Director in the Public Service (2016)

Dear Shanaaz

Shukran for your time and insights.

Our discussion made me realise that I have really been working/living in fear. I have been fearful that I can’t do a particular thing, despite knowing in my head that I can do it. Working within the broader area of environmental resource management is what I want to do, maybe not exactly at this level of operations or within water per se, but I want to make a difference within the management of our country’s natural resources.

With regards to the article on “managing your boss’, I now realise that I have completely ignored the person I am working with. In the relationship between my boss and I, I have tried to be understood and heard, but I have made very little effort to understand and listen to my bosses needs. One thing that has stood out for me has been the fact that he has priorities and an approach to things with which I often do not agree with. As a result I end up not giving these things the attention it deserves, or the attention I would like my priorities to be given. This may well be one of the major reasons for the breakdown in our relationship.

The breakthrough for me is that I am as clear as can be that I need to be courageous and powerful in this relationship in order for me to move on.


Ammaarah Kamish:

WC Provincial Government & former Political Officer,British Government (2016)

Shanaaz has been such an important part of my professional and personal growth. Her unique ability to frame your actions and inaction to display potential strength is something I have never been able to get from any other person. The perspectives she provides to see things a different way challenges you to do better in all areas of your life. When faced with difficulties her ability to simplify and provide solutions to complex situations is something I admire and strive to achieve. With graduating into management my coaching with Shanaaz has allowed me to see beyond being just a manager but also allows me to see things holistically and apply her well thought out leadership strategies.

Shanaaz has fundamentally changed the way I approach my professional life and subsequently has had a positive impact on my personal life too. When meeting Shanaaz you realise this instantly – it has certainly been a privilege to be coached by her over the years.


Nafisa Mayet: UCT Academic (2016)

I first met Shanaaz when, as Warden at one of the Residences at UCT, I invited her to do leadership training with the student leadership structures within the residence.  This training had such a positive impact on the student leadership within the residence.  It created an ethos of teamwork, of mutual respect  with the main aim being that of supporting and developing each other as leaders and the wider student body  they served. And striving for excellence.

My relationship with Shanaaz did not end there. It was the beginning of an inspirational journey. We started my coaching process. What a blessing.  It is difficult to describe the impact these sessions have made in my personal and professional life. I have never looked back. She is an exceptional coach and has helped me work through difficult situations.  I have grown tremendously and continue to grow. Shanaaz continues to be my coach and mentor.


Vanessa van Sitter: Sanlam (2016)

Shanaaz is a great coach; I have been able to make the necessary shifts in my life; my work life particularly.  Amongst the many lessons I have learnt, is to adopt a more positive mind-set, which I can honestly say, has brought much freedom to the way I approach work and in the way I engage and interact with others- just a greater level of confidence.

A selfless and unassuming leader who is able to inspire and encourage one to realise one’s vision, I have learnt so much from Shanaaz, she has been a true inspiration to me and I will joyfully continue on the journey she started me on. Like an usher in the cinema of old, who ushers the cinema goers to their seats, Shanaaz has assisted in directing me to a happy place.  Thank and I will continue to come back for more even if you have assisted in getting me to a place of self-coaching.


Dr Hildegarde Fast, WC HOD for Local Government (2015)


Bennett Abrahamse (2015)

Shanaaz is a brilliant coach and with her assistence I discovered and explored dimensions in leadership that assisted me in effective systems applications at Stellenbosch District Hospital and in my current post at Paarl Hospital untill end of October 2015 after which I will embark on a career in commercial development.


Jerry Van Niekerk: Old Mutual Executive (2015)

Shanaaz understands the ‘rough and tumble’ of life. She also knows how to deal with it and how to get back on top. Much insight, much understanding, so much wisdom. 

 What strikes me the most are the contrasts: her humility and yet how tough she is. There is no hesitation when it comes to asking the ‘ hard questions’ and demanding accountability for action and delivery on promises made. Someone who I learn from every time we meet…

Thank you Shanaaz.